Quick Take – Epson Cloud Printers Broken

We’re tracking a problem involving Epson Workforce WF and WP series printers – you may find that your printer has turned itself off. When you turn the printer back on it will show the EPSON splash screen, make printer startup sounds, then immediately shut down. We’re still in early stages of investigation, but the problem[…]

Tech Tuesday – We’re Looking for Techs!

It’s Tech Tuesday….something a little different today. We’re looking for a few good techs. We are a growing IT Managed Services Provider in Central Massachusetts. Our clients are primarily small-to-medium businesses and municipal offices. Although we’re a technical services company, our core mission is to provide a top-notch service experience for our clients. We have[…]

Business E-mail, Part 1: What’s In a Name? (Updated)

For years, I’ve urged every business I’ve met to swap their free e-mail for a domain-based account. It’s a small investment in time and money, but ultimately well worth it. But why would you stop using a free e-mail account and change to something you’d pay for? Well…what’s in a name? How would your customers and prospects[…]

Desktop PC Buying Guide 2016

It’s been a while since we posted our PC guidelines for business. Here’s what we recommend for new systems these days. We now consider 4GB RAM “entry level” even in Windows 7/10. Programs like Outlook, Excel, and Quickbooks/Sage 50 use massive amounts of memory, and memory prices are as low as they’ve ever been. Intel Core[…]