Quick Take – Epson Cloud Printers Broken

We’re tracking a problem involving Epson Workforce WF and WP series printers – you may find that your printer has turned itself off.

When you turn the printer back on it will show the EPSON splash screen, make printer startup sounds, then immediately shut down.

We’re still in early stages of investigation, but the problem seems related to the Epson Connect and Google Cloud Print services. Here’s what has worked for us:

-Sign into your Google Cloud Print control panel. Remove the Epson printer from the list (delete it!)

-Stop the printer from reaching the Internet. Unplug it from the network (if it’s only connected by wire), unplug your internet connection, block it at the firewall, etc – seems to be something in the internet-facing Google/Epson app that makes the printer wig out and shut down when it gets on the internet.

-While offline….in the printer control panel go to Google Cloud Print and suspend. This will disable Cloud Print – which isn’t a real solution, but at least the printer will work locally until Google/Epson/someone comes up with a long-term fix.

When Cloud Print is suspended you can re-connect to the Internet.

Let us know if you’re facing this problem and if these steps help!