Quickbooks Desktop problem – can’t open registers

We’re aware of an issue with Quickbooks Desktop 2020 latest version (R8P on my system) where certain windows don’t work properly. I’ve seen reports that this also seems to affect older version of Quickbooks Desktop but haven’t verified myself.

Quickbooks starts OK

But certain windows – particularly the Register windows – just won’t open. No error, no beep, NOTHING. It doesn’t matter if you double-click the account list

Or if you go to the Chart of Accounts, right-click, and Use Register

Or if you go to the Banking menu then Use Register

The register WILL NOT OPEN. Quickbooks just sits there, sliently mocking you.

After a bit of investigation we found that this is a known issue with Quickbooks.

Are you running RoboForm? In some cases there seems to be a conflict with Roboform Password manager. If you’re running RoboForm here’s the fix:

Quit QuickBooks
If you’re not already logged into Roboform, log in
Right-click the taskbar icon and go to Options

In the Roboform Options window click Applications

Make sure the “Attach to Windows Applications” checkbox is checked then click “Add”

Browse to C:\Program Files\Intuit\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Quickbooks 2020\ (choose your QB year) and choose QBW32.exe then click Open

Back in RoboForm you’ll see QBW32.exe listed. Click Save.

If this was the problem you’ll be able to open Quickbooks and get into registers and reports immediately. If this wasn’t the problem there are other fixes.

Next thing to try is to run QB as administrator. This might not be possible depending on whether your system is locked down and you don’t have admin rights.

To do this, close QB.
Right-click Quickbooks icon in your Start Menu or Desktop and click “Run as Administrator”

You should be able to get into Quickbooks – note that this MIGHT break your bank feeds and cause issues with any integrations you’re using.

Quickbooks support seems to be consolidating their response to this issue but if you do contact QB support provide this investigation number and they’ll be able to correlate what’s going on: INV-49965

Quickbooks Community users are also tracking the issue here https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us/reports-and-accounting/account-registers-do-not-open-in-quickbooks-pro/00/654059

and here https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us/reports-and-accounting/alert-unable-to-open-register-and-or-unrecoverable-error-when/01/660690#M89587

I’ll update this as I learn more.